Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sort of.....

It's been like...almost 6 months since the last time I posted something here. A lot has happened since then. I'm in uni already, almost 2 months now. So far so good. I'm still the kind of person who likes to procrastinate and super lazy (need to get rid of those things immediately). I have friends, yay!

I turned 17 like 3 months ago and got my KTP already. It was really exciting, I got to celebrate it with a lot of people. And the best thing is, Abraham Mateo wished me happy birthday on twitter!! He tweeted me saying "Happy 17th birthday @(my twitter username)........"  And it got more than 200 retweets, so basically, more than 200 people wished me a happy birthday.

I've added a few more pets to my house. I got King Lily (king snake), Sapphire (bearded dragon), Enchi (enchi ball python), Citrus (lemon pastel ball python), and Jess (Indian ringneck parakeet). Jess is the most recent one. My mum got him for me cos I got scammed. I wanted an African grey parrot, lost a lot of money, and stay African grey-less. But I got Jess, and I'm saving up for an African grey. This time for real.

Now I barely sing. So, this is just a writing of random stuff, so I'll just say whatever comes up in mind. It's been more than a year since the last time I performed, and I don't think I will ever get a chance to perform. I still love singing, but now I'm bad at it. Like, really bad. I can't reach the notes like I used to. Like, omg, I suck. Haha.

My English is getting rusty. That's cos I never talk, speak, or read in English. Like gee, who am I gonna speak English to? And all subjects use Indonesian and I'm not allowed to do assignments in English. So there... I no speak English.

Seriously, I don't know what to write. I just wanna post something here cos it's been ages. I guess that's all then.

Till next time I have something to write! Babay!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


A lot of things have been going on. I just did the national exams and got the results already last week. Considering what I've been through lately, I think I did a pretty good job. I got a not-bad-at-all scores. And I can't believe my physics score is higher than biology. I never understand physics since grade 7... I've been taught by 5 different physics teachers at school and I finally started to understand it about 2 months before national exams, thanks to my uncle who taught me.

And I just finished my internship lately. I went to SeaW****d Indonesia (sorry, I have to censor that so this writing won't come up on google :P) There were 2 options at first, that and a zoo. But then after handing the cv for quite some time there weren't answers from both sides. And the last option for me was to go to an animal shelter. I wasn't really happy with the idea of me going to an animal shelter because I am allergic to cats (and yes, I do have a cat) and I never really interact with dogs before so it kind of scared me. But I thought it's better than going to a place that has no animals in it.

Then hard times kicked in and I decided that I don't want to do the internship. I really didn't want to do it. Then the next day I was told that I got the internship at SeaW****d. I would have been really excited if I got the news before I decided not to do the internship. It would have been a lot easier if I didn't get accepted anywhere. So it was like, I didn't want to go, but I didn't want to not have a story to tell. I didn't want to be the only one who doesn't have to do the presentation while my friends have something to tell. My first day started on a Monday, and the Friday before that was the hardest. I wanted to go but at the same time I was scared, not scared of the internship, of something else. But in the end, I decided to do it anyway. I thought to myself, even if the internship sucks, I still got to see fishes. Oh, and I got accepted at the zoo as well.

First day of internship finally came. I got to SeaW****d too early. And I got a text personally from the zoo telling that I got accepted and where should I go and stuff. First day was quite horrifying because I don't know where would they put me. I was like "please don't put me in the office, please don't, don't." And I almost got put in the office because it wasn't stated in my resumé where should I go. I was like "you know what, if I work in the office, I won't come again tomorrow." But thankfully, they put me in the education...oh I forgot, education group? education guide? Well, anyway, it was in the educational part. I didn't know what that is, but as long as I didn't stay in the office, whatever that was, good enough.

And so I was under this woman named kak Dewi. She then showed me around, introducing me to places like "this is the office, this is the blablabla" and we went downstairs and she introduced me to the EG team. I remember my first day, I got introduced to kak Nur the supervisor, then kak Albert, then there was kak Dina, kak Alif, kak Robby, and kak Tya in the library. There were quite a lot of people during my first day (and I thought some people weren't that friendly, but I won't tell you who :P) And so kak Dewi left and I was like "what am I supposed to do?" Since it was my first day, all I did was to look around. I remember kak Nur told me to come at 8.30 for the briefing and I was supposed to come home at 5.30. First day was pretty bad. All I did was standing for hours! And kesana kemari from tanks to tanks. I observed the sharks cos I frikkin love sharks.

It was super tiring. I've never had to stand for 3 hours so it was a new experience. And there was this security guard whom I thought was friendly, but then he asked for my facebook account on my first day and I thought that was creepy. I talked to the employees there and asked a few questions. I was pretty much quiet. I was super happy when it came to going home. I just can't wait for that warm shower, and I barely look forward to showering. The traffic was just lovely. If I were a pregnant woman ready to give birth, I would have given birth in the car already. My legs hurt so bad. It was super tiring.

Second day was better. I remember being asked by kak Dewi about the animals in the touchpool. Thankfully, I have remembered the animals already. I don't know what to write, really, anyway, it doesn't matter how bad the job was, I got to see fishes and sea turtles. Oh, at first there were like these 3 big sea turtles but then they got moved and changed by these 5 adorable baby sea turtles. I was taught how to operate the sound, even though really, it was just pressing buttons, but it was better than nothing.

There wasn't really much to remember the next days. Mostly I spent my days in the touchpool area, near the starfish/bamboo sharks area. Telling people to fuck off if they touched the starfish the wrong way. Just kidding, but sometimes I feel like telling them that for not reading the sign before touching. But really, I told people not to pick the starfish above water and all. I got to know more people as well. I met kak Tiara, kak Abai, and kak Yoan (I'm calling everyone with kak here :P), and I got to know some of the cleaners. During the first 3 days, I didn't know if I'm able to continue until the second week. I thought that I'm going to end it at the end of the first week. But then, I forgot whether it was kak Nur or kak Dewi, anyway, one of them told me I got the chance to go to a curatorial training on my second week. And so, I decided I HAVE to make till the next week.

I really don't know how to put this experience into words. There were just so much things going on. So let me just write about the day I went to the curatorial area. I got the chance to go to the food preparation room and see how fishes were being prepared for fishes to eat. That's quite confusing. Fish for fish. Fishes are cannibals. There were kak Juned and kak Agus in the room, preparing food like unfreezing the freezing dead fishes. The dead fishes, they weren't that smelly. The squids, ugh, smelled so bad. I met another intern too, she was in uni, though. There weren't really much to tell in the food prep, it was just food cutting. 

Then I followed kak Agus to the quarantine place. The place is for injured animals, or animals that just got sent in, or animals that are about to be sent away. There were baby sea turtles, smaller than the ones in touchpool, and they were super adorable. I wish I could bring one home. But then I don't know if I can provide them with sea water. I can give them salted water, though. There were also the big sea turtles, arapaimas and all those giant fish, piranhas, basically the same species as the ones displayed. Oh, and there were iguanas and turtles and crocs and caged otters. Those otters shouldn't be caged, really... Otters make cute noises, at first I thought the sound came from birds, even though there were no birds... Basically, I was just following kak Agus around, giving food and clean the cages.

After the quarantine place, we went back to food prep room and there was nothing else for me to do so I showered. The fish smell sticked to my shirt. Showering for me was kind of...troublesome. I need to prepare the clothes and all those showering stuff, and it took me a long time to get ready, not because I showered long, but because I need to fold my clothes and all. I hate showering outside my home. And so I just finished everything from showering to putting my clothes back in, and just when I was about to go out, one of the curatorial staff said to me, 
"have you dived yet?" 
"no, I haven't"
"put this on (he gave me a wetsuit)"
"showered already?"
"it's okay."
And so that was it. I just showered and just when I've got everything ready, I got offered to dive in the main aquarium. I was really thankful he offered me to dive. It was just funny how I just finished showering, then went diving, then showered again. I didn't even know his name then (I later found out his name the very next day after I dived :P), so it was really nice of him. And the first wet suit that I put on was really ripped so I had to change it, and the second time I put a wetsuit on, I got it upside down. 

Oh, I met kak Adhi, he was an observer there. Back in the quarantine place he asked whether I've dived or no, and he said if I go diving he'll accompany me. And so, when I was in the diving place, he was there. They were super duper nice. First I practiced my breathing in the small pool, and I did okay. I thought diving there would be scary because I've never dived before and the fishes were gigantic compared to the ones I've seen during snorkeling. And I was partially blind without glasses and I wasn't allowed to use contact lens. 

And so I entered the actual aquarium with kak Adhi. It was awful! I got no control and when we reached down my ears hurt like crazy. I asked him to go up and he taught me to control the pressure. Still, didn't work, I sucked. But then we continued the dive, he took pictures of me when I realised someone was behind me. I later found out it was kak Soleh (the curator whom I didn't know the name). And halfway I realised that kak Adhi was no longer there, I was now with kak Soleh. My ears still felt crappy but not as hurt. And it wasn't as scary as I thought. My vision was blurry. I dived for about 15 minutes and the good thing was I didn't panic. See, I've learned something from nat-geo wild about not panicking :P

The next days were pretty much the same. Telling people "let me shove you underwater and tell me if you can breathe." when someone pick up the starfish out of water. No, just kidding, even though I really wanted to do that. Watched feeding shows and all. I never get tired of watching shark feeding show. And until now whenever I see the time, I'd be like "oh, it's feeding show for the main aquarium" "oh, the sharks are being fed right now."

And even when people said it's kinda useless for me to be there, I strongly disagree. Being there takes my mind off the thoughts that are killing me. I was happy because it's been a long time since I wasn't bothered with my own thoughts. And one of the most important thing is that I've made new friends. Everyone was amazing. And thanks to social media, I still maintain my friendship with some of them. 

And so, I'd like to thank each one of them (even though they're not going to read this, unless I tell them to :P) Thanks to kak Dewi for saving me from working in the office. Thanks to kak Dina who's with me from the start, taking me lunch with her and all. Thanks to kak Albert for answering my questions when I asked, and I remember my first day kak Alif thought I was his sister. And thank you, thank you, thank you to kak Tya, kak Tiara, kak Robby, kak Yoan, kak Alif, kak Abai, and kak Nur. Basically I'd like to thank them all, the EG group, and all the curators and cleaners for just being there. I'm really grateful I'm surrounded by nice people. 

And this experience may not be interesting for you, well it's an internship, what do you expect? But, it really means a lot to me. It was a great experience and my life would be different if I chose to stay at school doing counseling session and go to the psychologist. It's not that I can befriend the psychologist. Anyway, I'm really grateful this experience made me realise that there are a lot of amazing people out there whom I haven't known yet. I still have a long journey to go, and I don't know what am I talking..........

And so, yeah, that's pretty much it. 

Bye, love, love, from meee

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Have you ever feel like you've known someone for a really long time, like your whole life. And you think you know everything about them when really, you know nothing. You don't know who they are anymore. Don't know what changed them along the way. Maybe there's no reason, nothing, all of a sudden they're like that. Even they don't know themselves. They live a happy, perfect life to know what has happened. Maybe nothing has happened. It's just their minds playing tricks. Or maybe they just want to be troubled because their lives always go smoothly. They think too much. In the end it's only troubles they got.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hi to whoever reading this. I don't think there's anyone else reading this blog beside myself. I'm in grade 12 now. Grade 11 was so boring, I hope I'll have fun this school year. Have fun studying since I'm in grade 12 and there's no avoid exams like I used to. My english is getting worse as I need to translate something from Indonesian to English. Yay. There's nothing interesting in my life, really. I have this bimbel every sunday from 8-3, so it's basically another school day. I have vocal lesson on saturday, too. My class won the best class display and best performance on independence day celebration. I just finished my autobiography project and oh how I miss my times in secondary 3 and 4. The school was super crappy, and probably still is, I miss my friends there and physics class. Physics class with Boradori is the best. Can't believe I'm almost in uni. Time flies that fast? I don't want to grow old. More responsibilities and all. But anyway, life goes on. I'll be old eventually. I'll try to post here more. I love you my readers <3 and that means I love myself :p

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hola a todos!

I've opened this blog quite a few times, but never write anything. Or I did, but saved it as draft.

Best friends.

It's something that crosses my mind quite a lot. I've been thinking about some people and how our relationships are not the same anymore. Really hard to find someone that will always be there for you, stay strong, forget about the distance. I realise I have lost some close and best friends. Reason is simple, we're not in the same school anymore. They have new friends, I have new friend. We stayed close at first, got separated at the end.

Yes, when we meet we still talk like we're inseparable. But, during our everyday's lives, we're like a complete stranger. Never talk to each other again. Many times I want to say hi, but it feels like they don't feel the same. Never reply my message, or never come back on every brb's. I have friends, I do, but it feels lonely when you have no one to talk to at home. I never talk with my friends at school when I'm at home. Barely.

Want to make some new friends, but I'm really bad at making friends. I go to this bimbel every tuesday and thursday, and I keep on absent-ing :b It's probably because I've got no friends there, so there's nothing exciting there. It's really hard to join in a group of friends. Hopefully I won't make the same mistake in the next bimbel place. I feel bad to my parents, but I'm just too lazy to go there. Keep on telling myself this is the last time I'm going to miss it, but I keep on missing it.


Te quiero everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2011

P-Man Idol ;D

Please note that I'm not trying to be cocky nor I am cocky or something, I just want to share my happiness.

Been waiting for this since the first time I knew it, since I love to sing. At first I was struggling with the song choice since I am no longer able to hit notes that I used to be able to hit. First I wanted to sing the song which I love to sing very much, "Greatest Love of All" but then I tried and I can't hit the notes -_- Yeh, I'm getting sucker. A few weeks later, I've decided that I'm gonna sing "My Heart Will Go On" I've practiced and practiced, I still couldn't get the high notes right. It may not be necessary for me to practice, but it was my first time singing in front of the folks of PSKD Mandiri and I wanted to give good impression. Anyway, after a few practices, I just realised that I need to take Paket B. I was panicking, not being able to join. It can't be delayed. I was relieved when I knew Paket B was only from Tuesday to Thursday. It was hellll. My brother just came back from England anyway. Even the day before the competition I couldn't get the high notes right. After a few inspirations from other singers, I finally made it.

P-Man idol was todaaaay. I was a little bit nervous because of the high notes. I got sick before the competition and when I checked to see the list of singers, I wasn't there -_- I was forgotten. Sooo, P-Man idol started, and I was number 7 if I'm not mistaken. I wasn't nervous, but my hands were kesemutan haha. I was in my own world. I didn't hit the "forever" properly though, the high part "weeeee'lll staaaay foREEEEVER this waaaay" I forgot about the other high note. I got a big applaud after singing. As I walked to sit, some people were like "your voice is cool" and all, and after the competition was over, on the way to class, some people said it too. Then my English teacher said I was awesome, I turned into a different person when I was singing. Then after I got home I got 3 mentions from people saying that my voice is cool and all. I keep on smiling. I didn't expect this kind of reaction. I was expecting the "you're so lebay" reaction, because when I sing I instinctively close my eyes and move my hand around.

I was so happy, I still am. It doesn't matter whether I win or lose. Getting these positive feedbacks already made me happy...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There are times when people feel down and desperate. And I feel that right now. I have no desire to live. Haha, I know it sounds scary. It's like I don't have anything to fight for, anything exciting, anything that makes my life more colourful. I don't feel like doing anything. Like right now, I'm hungry but I don't feel like eating, when I usually eat before I'm even hungry. I seriously have no desire in doing anything. I find nothing can entertain me. And I got even more desperate when I realised my one week holiday is almost over. With me being like this, I don't know how I can survive at school. Everything is pretty much annoying right now. I don't even have anymore passion. I'm in a pathetic mode right now. I got pissed off easily. And right now I don't have any exciting thoughts, when I usually have lots. And I got more depressed not to only think about school, but also the national examinations I'll have to face in year 12. My passion for singing, wild animals, and performing are suddenly gone. I don't even have any problems. I just feel this way. No reason. Well, there must be a reason but I just don't know it. Or maybe I know it but I just haven't realised it. Heartache for no reason.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

celebrity crushes or i dont know what to call it

Sooo I have this thing for the past few days. I don't know whether to consider him as a celeb or not. Anyway, the celebrity crush thing is worse than real-life crush. Your crush won't even know that you exist. And you don't even know whether you can meet him or not. While when you have real-life crush as in you know the person, the person knows you, you still can talk to him, and make some efforts. So liking someone who doesn't even know that you exist actually hurts more :p

Monday, July 25, 2011


Some people may not know this, some people may know this. I love to sing! I started to sing when I was in playgroup of course, playgroup kids sing much I guess. I forgot how old I was. I got my first walkman. It was pink. I was a huge fan of westlife. I would sit on the roof and sang. When I was around 8, I don't know why, till now, and how it started, my mom put me in BISS to study vocal. I was with my cousin and her friend. I started singing in public since I was.... I have no idea. I thought my first public appearance was when I had tryout in BISS. Then lately I remembered that it was before that. I remember I sang on my 8th birthday. And I probably have sung in front of public before that. I quitted BISS because my cousin quitted too. My time in BISS didn't last so long. After that, I lost contact with singing. I barely listened to music. Until...grade 7. The first time I had internet connection. I browsed stuff on youtube and found Declan Galbraith. He was the one that made me wanna sing again. I started to love singing again because of him. I even dreamed of becoming a singer. I thank him really much. Maybe I should thank him on facebook. I didn't know how to sing though. I sang in falsetto voice thinking that it was my real voice. Grade 8, I started taking lessons again and the journey end in Grade 10. I didn't quit. It's more like...ngegantung. But, it doesn't stop me from singing. In fact, it's getting worse. Everytime I listen to music, I always imagine it's me singing in front of public. Since I'm shy, I always sing in my head. I can't stop. I'm shy to sing in front of my family -_- which is weird. Usually people aren't shy in front of their families. I sang at school a few times. The first time...I was in grade 9. It was valentine's day. I sang "If I Ain't Got You" sung by Alicia Keys. Then graduation, "Hallelujah" Alexandra Burke version. Then another graduation, I sang "I'll Be There" with my friend, JunHo. I post it on youtube ;;) I sounded weird, though. And many ngaco, cos I only practiced one day before graduation -_- I've performed more, though :P And I'm hoping I could perform hundreds of times in the next....times.

Te quieroooo :*

Sunday, July 17, 2011



Long time no write. I finally have a laptop now. And I'm graduated from Secondary. I won't be in Junior College 1, though. I'll be in grade 11 :p I'm moving back to PSKD Mandiri. First, I need UAN. Second, I moved because of my brother, my brother is in uni already, so no need to stay there. Third, I don't wanna be in Hope International School anymore. I've always wanted to move so much. Gonna miss the folks in Secondary 4, though. HIS...school sucks but awesome friends. I've been watching Ghost Whisperer starting season 1. Just finished season 1. GOD I hate the ending. I have a new crush, Luis Fonsi. He's Spanish, he's not handsome, or hot, or something. Well, he does look handsome in some of his pics. I'm in love with his voice. I'll be in school on wednesday. I don't know why it's not monday, oh well..it gives me 2 days extra. Oh how I'd love to sing with Luis Fonsi someday. I finally got to see and hear Cristian's newest voice. It's deep. And I can't sing anymore. Especially high notes. I suck at it now :p I suck at it before, it's even sucker now. That's iiiit.

Adios mi amor nyahwhaw

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Graduation on Friday. I'll be singing "I'll Be There" Mariah Carey version with my friend. I'll be graduated from Secondary. After graduation is holiday! I wonder when is my new school starts. Here, school starts again on July, 18th. I think my new school will start before that. Probably July 13th. Anyway, I'll get a month holiday. Usually it's just 3 weeks plus a few days. I'm gonna miss my class so much. I'm not as sad as I was in Grade 8. Cos I'll be back to my old school. And I need to get used to goodbyes cos I'll be having lots of them. When I was in Grade 7 I need to get used to my class. And in Grade 8, it was great. Grade 9, I moved, I need to get used to my class and my new school. I felt so miserable. I needed months to get used to my class and my new school. I'm not so good with the new environment. Grade 10, I'm already used to it, not the school though. I had such an amazing times with my friends. And I'm leaving again. Anyway, even if I'm not leaving, many of my friends are leaving, so I'd better move. I need to get used to the language again. Secondary 3 was the hardest. All subjects are all in English, and my English sucked. And in Secondary I had subjects such as Economics, Accounting, and Business Studies. In non International school, you get that subjects in Grade 10/11. Grade 9 is the toughest. Grade 11 I need to get used to Indonesian language again. The books are gonna be in Indonesian. And the curriculum is different, I need to get used to it -_- I think it will be easier than in Secondary 3 though...

Thursday, May 26, 2011



Long time no write :) This week is exam week. Just one more exam to go which is Mandarin and which I am not going to study because it's too much. I will definitely fail at mandarin, math, physics, and chemistry. And maybe IT and geography. I suck, I know. I miss singing so badly. I miss singing out loud. I wish my school has music lesson. I hate the fact that I'm not like anybody else. Most people are not shy to sing in front of their family. I'm too shy to sing in front of my family. I'd rather sing in front of thousands of people that I don't know. Every time I listen to music, I always imagine me singing it in front of people. And, my computer can't be signed in anymore. I'm using my mom's computer, but the internet here sucks! It's super slow. I'm afraid with my scores in my report card, I won't get accepted in PSKD Mandiri. I will never ever ever go back to Hope International School ever again. Never ever in my life. I don't want to ruin my future. I hope when I move school I'll understand chemistry. Something that will never happen if I stay in Hope. I haven't practiced my singing for more than a month. I saw pictures of Cristian today and boy, he's getting hot. I saw pictures of him singing. I need new videos of him. I want to hear his recent voice. I think next I'm gonna do lots of past papers and hand them in for extra score. And I am pissed at my physics teacher. He said the exam is only multiple choice questions. It turned out there was an essay too! >:O LIAR! It's been a long time since I go to ITC and buy some dvds. I miss lots of episodes of tv shows.I need to catch up. I'll watch it during long holiday. I can't wait for graduation. I'll be out of Hope! I'm supposed to study Mandarin right now. But I'll just watch two and a half men :)


Sunday, May 8, 2011


When I first saw you
I knew that there's something between us
You said that I'm number one
I know it's changed already
How can you enter my life, make me love you, then walk away
It's hurt when I see you walking with her
And how everyone talks about you and her
I act like I don't care
When actually I'm broken inside
I know those feelings of yours can't be changed
No matter how hard I try
You told me how much you love her
And I just smiled
I know I love you more than her
And I guess you will never realise that

Sunday, May 1, 2011



I just checked out my draft, and I found out something. It was written on 22 August, 2009.

"Things that make me wanna die...

1. School (only that school)
2. School
3. School
4. Teachers in that school especially HER!
5. Wasting my time in that school"

I used to hate Hope International School so much. Hahaha. I was so desperate to get out from there. My time in Hope International School is only a month left. Hard to believe, but due to some circumstances, I'm feeling kinda sad.

It's May already. Audrey's birthday :) Gawd I miss Audrey, Jennifer, Anabel, and Ramada so much.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


IT class. It's been a long time since I post something here. I miss my blog D; Sunday was my mom's birthday. She's old. Ha ha ha. Oh oh! I downloaded lots of Cristian's songs :) Finally! Nooo, the class is almost over. I still wanna write something )); I think I'll post something as soon as I get home. I'll go to the dentist later. Too lazy. It's like an hour from school. I'll probably get home at 6. Gosh. And I'll be starving. Already prepared food though. Next class is Mandarin. I don't really like it -_- It's okay though, I don't really study. Most of the class I talk. I need to have good scores this term, or else I might not be accepted in PSKD Mandiri. But it seems impossible with math around. I got a really really bad score for math in the report card. WORST MATH SCORE IN THE HISTORY OF ALLIYYA LATHIFA!!! I want to buy a new glasses. Dad's office will pay for it ;) I need to think what colors should I use for the braces. Rainbow? Would it be weird? But I want to try it. Maybe I'll try it. Blue, red, green, purple, pink. Hohoho. Oh, Ms.Toilet has already dismissed the class. Bye peopleeeee :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

In IT class right now. The teacher is busy with Sophia. I haven't posted something here for more than 2 months :O I made a new post though, about my dream :D Since the teacher is busy with Sophia only, we're like opening stuff other than microsoft excel in the internet. Like me... Don't know what to write. I'm doing IGCSE paper about excel. So hard. Harder than chemistry.

IT class has end.



Last night I had the best dream ever...well, at least for now. So, every day I set my alarm clock to 4,5,5.30,6,6.10,and 6.20. I remember I was in PSKD Mandiri. I was wearing Hope International School uniform, but it felt like my school is in PSKD Mandiri. Someone from lower grade said hi to me and said "eh itu alliyya udah masuk" I forgot her face, but I've seen her face before.
I was in grade 10. There were no tables in the center. All tables were on...idk, somewhere out there. Me and grade 10 friends were sitting in the form of circle. There was a little boy. He was Asian, but tan. He was probably a Filipino. I remember he sang "Che Bellamore" In the middle of the song, I sang too. I didn't know the lyrics though. I just sang with my eyes closed. I think I woke up after that.
This was the best part! CRISTIAN IMPARATO came to grade 10. We were standing near the door. He came in without glasses, he wore like a sweater, red and other colors. I immediately hugged him. I HUGGED HIM! Oh how I wish it will come true. I whispered something to him. He asked me to repeat it and then he answered me. I was kinda surprise because he barely speak English. I took pictures with him after that. At first, it was only with my cell phone. And then, everyone was starting to take pictures of us. I felt like a celebrity -_- Then he headed to the computers. I told him I want to sing for him. But he acted cold. And here's the annoying part...MY ALARM RANG AND WOKE ME UP!
(By the way, yesterday I wrote this thing, and then the internet connection was off. And it can't be saved. Kinda surprised when I saw this thing -_- I thought things that I've written is gone!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


2 great things happened today.

The first thing was, the science fair project I've been working on was finally success. I've tried the experiment twice already. If today the experiment don't work, I have to change the topic. It's really interesting, I don't wanna change the project. I won't find anything as/more interesting as this.

Second thing. During physics time (we were in the lab) So, there was this kind of plug with the bulb on it. It was cute. It was on the table, someone put it there. And my friend, Shin, he didn't pay much attention. He was just playing around. He saw a lab glove and he put it on his hand. He found that plug, and he put it in the colokan. Me and the other two students were listening to the teacher when suddenly something exploded! There was a huge sound, and all the lights went off. The bulb itu bates maximumnya 5 watt, sementara di colokan itu 3300 watt. Thank God shin wore a glove, and he only plugged the bulb and not touching it after that. He could've died!! Seriously! If he touched the bulb, the electricity would go to his body causing shock. There'll be no more JiHun Shin.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

poem about ecosystem

So biology teacher told the biology class to make either poem or picture about ecosystem. I'm not good in drawing so I made a poem :D

Its getting hotter don't you think?
Oh look at that, the ice has melted
The ice couldn't stand the climate changes

I could hear animals crying
If they can talk, they would beg to us, humans
They'll say "please don't ruin our habitat"

Some of them say "why there's only me?"
Some of them don't know where to live
The population has been destroyed

Its the sound of water flooding everywhere
Destroying everything that pass through them
There just aren't enough trees to hold them

Its so hot here in the desert
They said it used to be a beautiful forest
Desertification made it look like that

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey blog, hey Anabel. See Bel, I'm so nice I said hey to you. Long time no write.

- I had IGCSE Bahasa Indonesia on tuesday and thursday.
- Declan doesn't have facebook anymore. HOW COULD YOU, DEC!? That's the only way we keep in touch :( Make a new facebook!!!!!!
- I love Cristian more and more hahaha his voice is still high. He's worse than Justin Bieber!
- On thursday I'm going on a field trip. I'm going to the anatomy show. And I'll have IGCSE oral test also
- I was planning to be a mbok jamu on halloween but I decided not to. It will be uncomfortable to wear a kebaya. I decided to be a girly girl HAHA
- Cristian sang "And I am Telling You I'm Not Going". Yes Cristian, I'm gonna love you. Well, I do haha ngga jelas banget dah all --" but his right jambang was pretty gay
- I don't know what to write

Check out this link btwaywayway:

He's a boy and his voice is higher than me -____- its okay if its a 9 year old, he was 13 in that video. You know how a 13 year old boys sound like. So deeep hahah


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I don't like this feeling. In love, well not really in love. What should I say.. Its like, you wanna know someone, you want them to be with you, you want to be friends and even more with that someone. And that someone is your celebrity crush. I've had it twice already. The first one was with Declan obviously. And these days, I don't know since when. A month or two months ago, I found this kid named Cristian Imparato. He is amazing. He's a singer. And he was in a show called "Io Canto" its Italian. I watched him and oh wow. I watch him almost everyday. But never thought I have the feelings which I had for Declan before. He can't speak English well. His interview, his everything is in Italian. I can't understand it. And now I'm studying Italian language -_- I can count 1-29 and say my name is Alliyya in Italian. What I want to say was, I don't like this. Why couldn't I just admire him, without imagining me going to Italy then meet Cristian and blabalbla. He made me jealous. He's more than 14 and a half years old, he's a boy, and he can sing higher notes than me. Whenever I hear him sing I feel like, oh God I suck! He hasn't hit puberty yet. He's worse than Justin Bieber. He's not handsome or hot. He looks like nerd indeed. I feel like I have no talent in singing when I watch him. Hah. I love him anyway. And I learn Italian language so I can communicate with him someday if I meet him. I wish.

So, here's the link if you guys want to see him.


The boy with the highest voice is Cristian


Another one. This one's amazing

Sunday, September 26, 2010

senangnya hatiku turun panas demamku

I'm in IT class. Today's lessons was boring. Especially during chemistry class. We studied a new chapter. And tomorrow there'll be the test about the new chapter -_- me and Tirzah want to talk to the teacher so she can postpone the test. We just studied the chapter today and tomorrow there'll be a test about that thing... Not that chapter only actually, there are two more chapters that will be in the test. So in total, there will be 3 chapters for tomorrow's test. Plus there'll be geography test. 5 chapters! I am so gonna fail at chemistry!!
I don't know what to write actually.

Sooo... bye.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How words can hurt you

Today I'm really insulted and offended.

So in English class we were discussing about descriptive writing. One of the task was to write a descriptive writing about clown. I wrote it on the list like clown is funny, make people laugh, blablabla. And he just put a tick on it. The next one was to write about horse. It was for homework. He told us to make a paragraph. It means ONE paragraph. It was for homework. I thought what kind of work is this. I'm in secondary 4 and you told us to describe a horse. Elementary kids can do that. And I thought it wouldn't be checked, he would just put a tick on it. So I did it but not seriously. I know I wrote a shitty things, things that elementary kids would write. Ok fine, I'm lying. I did it with my brain. I didn't do it not seriously. I wrote two lines but it was one paragraph though. I forgot what I wrote. I know it was ALL my fault for giving him such a shitty work. Today he gave me back the work. The score was 1/5, I was like okay. It wasn't the score that matters, it was the comment. I put a ":)" there and he commented, I don't know exactly what does he said but he said does the smiley face proper to describe a horse. That wasn't it that matters too. It was this sentence:

"I could have done this in 2 seconds when I was 5 years old"


Maybe for some readers they would go like chill, he only said this. But for me, it was an insult. Some students may don't wanna do their works seriously or something but you can't insult them. You don't know how those words have hurt me. Much. I don't care how ugly, shitty, trashy, elementary level quality, whatever it was! YOU DON'T NEED AND YOU CAN'T INSULT THE WORK! WHAT KIND OF TEACHER ARE YOU?!

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have four best friends. All of them like basketball - all of us used to be in the same basketball team, good at arts, love music, love sweets, and they are all pretty crazy. Their names are Jennifer, Audrey, Anabel, and Ramada. Jennifer is a sensitive girl. She's nice though. And she loves to eat. We are all love to eat. Dusts makes her skin goes red and itchy. She's allergic to it. Audrey is the hyper one. She could laugh all day without knowing exactly what is she laughing of. She loves basketball. I remember her shouting "Big gluk!" to the people outside the car. Peanuts could make her be in the hospital, or even worse. Anabel is really talkative. She loves basketball too. Taylor Swift is her idol. She steals food a lot. Ramada probably has the best art skill among all of us. She draws really good. Cooking is her hobby. Loves cats, just like me. They are all Indonesians. Except for Anabel. She's half Korean. They have different personalities so if we gather together, there will be some craziness, laughter, anger, or maybe even tears. They were all used to be my classmates. Had some great times back then.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Call me a dork or nerd, whatever
I wish I could blend in easily
I was sitting all alone playing with my phone
While everyone else gathered around talking and laughing
I know them by names
But I don't know them by hearts
I kept on silence
Only said a few words
I wasn't being me
I just can't

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I miss you :)

My grandpa (from mother's side), Soebardi Dwijosoesanto was a really nice and stern guy. He worked as a headmaster during his working days. His wife, which is my grandma, worked as a teacher in the same school. They worked in a public school. Whenever the children heard his footsteps, they turned quiet. Headmaster's and the teacher's salary in public school isn't big. But he wanted the best for his children. He sent his children to a catholic school. He didn't have much money. One egg, for seven children. My grandpa made SMP-SMA bellarminus. Not made the building. Find the teachers, the curriculum, and others related to that, he was the one who did it. I remember the way he shook hands. His grab was strong. When he retired, he moved to Solo in his village. He was keturunan mbah demang. Mbah demang is like one of the richest guy in the village. I love going to his house. The house wasn't so big, but the land is. He got the place where the villagers gather to discuss something. And he had like a timbul-timbul pictures of the story of Jesus in a wood. And he got this giant Maria statue! I wished I have the picture of it. And he even got church in his house area. It's for praying of course. And I just heard this from my mom, he liked to gather people who's less luckier than him and pray together. I remember his last hours. It was at night. I couldn't sleep because my mom was talking to my grandma loudly on phone. I listened to her conversation. My grandpa died because of a liver cancer. He had been suffering from that disease like 10 years before he died. He didn't do anything with it. I forgot what were they talking about. I remember when my grandma told my mom that he shouted something while sleeping. And a few minutes later he's gone. I'm so glad to know him. He was a great man, a great catholic, and a great teacher. I love you and I miss you :') I know you're fine up there.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Soooo, long time no post *wink wink* I'm in the IT lab right now. Just did a test. I did pretty well, except for ONE! I completely forgot. Like really forgot. And tomorrow, I have chemistry test. Oh, I'm so excited for it *sarcasm* The problem for chemistry is... I understand the concept if I read it from the book. But when test time, it's different from what I have read. It's much much harder. Oh well, I'll try my best. Wish me luck! I couldn't sleep this morning after saur. I saur-ed at 2.30, done at 3.00. I tried to sleep, but I can't. I kept imagining about something until four o'clock. Four o'clock was my last minutes to drink. After that, I tried to sleep again. But I can't. I was waiting, waiting, and waiting. Until around five o'clock, I could sleep. My misery wasn't just till then. I dreamed bad dreams while I'm sleeping. I got a lot of bad dreams. One bad dream, then I immediately woke up. I remember none of the bad dreams except one. I was in my room with Jennifer, then she said "kata nenek gw lo ada yang 'ngikutin'" or in English "my grandma said you're being 'followed'" I immediately woke up. I was afraid when I woke up and turned around, I would see a "woman". Luckily, there wasn't any "woman". Yesterday I was afraid of entering my room. I don't know why. I entered my room when my mom already went home. Before that, I was so scared.
Before I go home, lemme tell you 10 random things *wink wink*

1. The person next to me is Tirzah. She's opening lookbook. I don't know what that is. It's about fashion for sure. I'm not interested in fashion but.

2. Sophia now loves Ashton Kutcher! or whatever his name is. Neil Harris got a rival! Which one is number one for her? Kutcher or Harris?

3. Oh it's time already. I'll continue the other 7 random things later at home.

Saturday, August 14, 2010



Just got back from camp, but I don't really wanna talk about it right now. Sooo, lets have some fun. I'm bored. Sophia deserted me by watching How I Met Yo' Mama! I'm listening to dead flowers right now. TAKE ME DOOOWWNN LITTLE SUSIE, TAKE ME DOWN! Yeah. And nooow, Only One Woman by The Marbles! TEN LITTLE INDIANS! Woohoo! I wanna laugh so badly. There is Pepsi blue in front of me. I was craving for soda. The Pepsi blue is BLUE! Why don't the Pepsi company make Pepsi pink! It would be even better. Uhuk uhuk *batuk* Nggrok nggrok! My grandma just fell down today. It's a funny thing to see someone's falling at the teenage age. But to see a 92-year-old grandmama fell...so sad :( and she fainted. And no one knew until a while. BACK TO THE FUUUUN! Ah, this song ain't fun. Dung dung dung. I know this post seems so, NGGA JELAS! It is ngga jelas! Do you know that I'm a lion? Rawr, rawr, rawr! RAAAAAWWWRRRR! A rabid lion! Hey I'm getting sleepy. Wake up! Wake up! I lost my extracullicular form! Wait, that sounds weird. Extraculicullar! I mean, extracurricular -_- I wanna join swimming. I love swimming. It's my favorite sport. I swam since I was 4 years old. My mom took me into the nggrok nggrok place. Ngga deng. She les-in me. I'm getting sleepy. Seriousleh! Who wants to sing me lullaby? My AC ain't working well. It's 18 but still khot. No matter where I am, no matter how cold is the weather, you will always feel hot around me. Why? Because I'm containing fire! -___- zzz... petok petok. Okaaay, I'm done with this.


Love you

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hey blog! Long time no write.

Second day of fasting. Today's fasting is tough! In the morning, my throat was kinda itchy and I can't drink. At school, I sang a song for the independence day celebration for a couple of times. And I sang the other songs too since I love to sing. And I got PE. I didn't really join the running stuff, but still, it's hot, and I kinda ran. Now I'm hungry. One more hour!

Stuff has been great for me. Many tests though. But I don't really mind, it makes me study. Today's school was pretty fun. In physics class, Mr. Wang the physics teacher mentioned about "deep sea" and I said to Kelly "deep sea, lala, po!" Then Shin asked me what happened. I told him about the teletubbies. I thought he understand. The class was over, Shin didn't get what I was trying to say and he said Mr. Wang looks like teletubbies! And Mr. Wang was behind him! He just smiled. I imagined Mr. Wang become one of the teletubbies. HAHAHA

Biology class was funny too. The test was canceled. And Ms. Meena said she would take test next week no matter what happens. And Tofu said no matter what happen, no matter if there's tsunami and earthquake. And Ms. Meena said yes. Then Ms. Meena was like acting when there's tsunami and she still gives us test. Can you imagine while the buildings are shaken down, we're having a biology test!? HAHAHA

Okay theeeen.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

I don't wanna forget you guys

I wondered this from a couple of days ago. I was thinking will I be able to remember all of the memories that I can't forget right now. Like, will I be able to remember what's the name of my classmates in junior high school when I'm 50. I really don't wanna forget about my friends, and all the stuff we did when I'm getting older. I really should write my days on a diary. So when I'm old I will open that diary and those memories will come to me. Will I remember my dream when I was 5? Will I remember the name of my classmates? Will I remember the stuff that I remember right now? I don't wanna get old and forget about my past. Oh! I could print the stuff in my blog. Just to remind me of something. Well, OK then, just wanna write that.

bye people

Friday, July 30, 2010


When I moved school, I was really really sad. I always listen to this song. The reason why I named this blog "Till The Day We Meet Again" is because of this. To remember my friends of what we've done. I know that we wouldn't be able to see each other like before.
And to Mr. Steve, if you're reading this blog, I would like to dedicate this song to you :')

Till The Day We Meet Again

Well here we are, just time for one more song,
Before another show is thru'
It's too bad the curtain has to fall, It's been a perfect night with you
So dance and let the music play, until we meet another day.

So don't say goodbye, there is no need to cry
The love we share will never end
Because you and me, we'll have this memory
One we can turn to now and then
Till the day we meet again

So raise your hands and sing along with me
I dedicate these words to you
It feels as though I've known you all my life, yet this magic is so new
So please remember when I say, good friends are never far away

No looking back with regret, cos tonight, I've found here with you something I'll never forget, won't forget

So don't say goodbye, there is no need to cry
The love we share will never end
Because you and me, we'll have this memory
One we can turn to now and then
Till the day we meet again

Till the day we meet again...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

i am sleepeeehh

My latest post was on Monday. It felt like yesterday. Time sure goes fast. Not exactly. It's almost the second week of school. It feels like it's the second month of school. I don't know what to write. I just wanna write. School bought a vending machine. I'm sleepy. Sleeeeeppppyyyy. But I don't wanna sleep too early. I'll feel even sleepier the next day. Maybe because I slept too much. So tomorrow there's gonna be 2 sessions of physics and math. Did I tell you the new schedule sucks? The old schedule, on Friday you'll be free. No science/business subjects, nor math. But now, there is. And there's Mandarin everyday, which I don't like. I don't wanna be a business woman, so I don't need to do something related to business with the Chinese. My mom told me just learn it cos it'll be useful if you do business with the Chinese people. They're important to the business world. But I'm taking science, mom. And the weird part is we only have 3 sessions for English per week. I mean, this is an international school. How come the Mandarin subject has more period than the English subject.

Enough with the Mandarin and the Chinese talk. You know what's in my school bag? Books of course, and pencil cases. 3 pencil cases. But only one eraser. Beside books and pencil case, I have... Tango candies, biscuits, bubblelicous, grape mints candies, dried mangoes and a candy cane. I wanna bring another biscuits but it'll be too much. Nothing amazing happened to me this week. Well, it's not the end of the week so I hope something amazing will happen to me. Hmm... This is so unimportant. I just wanted to write anyway. So, bye

I am sleepy,


Monday, July 26, 2010


I'm in the mood to write here in my blog. I just read my previous posts. There were times when I really really love to sing, and liked to write it here. And now I think, wow, I was so I don't know why yo call it. So confident about my voice -_- I don't have that kind of good voice. And I wasn't able to sing well at that time. Sheesh. Anyway, today is Monday. I hate Monday. Monday means I have to go to school again after 2 days of holiday. And today I got a new timetable. It sucks! Friday supposed to be a free day! No math, and science or business subjects. But now, there's 2 sessions of physics and 2 sessions of math. And Mandarin... There's Mandarin subject everyday. I don't wanna learn Chinese language! Let me repeat once again. I don't wanna learn Chinese language! Well, I wanna learn it, but not like this serious. I will forget anyway in the end. And I don't like how Mr. Li Nian teaches. He teaches like this: "So guys, this is *talk in Chinese* this means... *talk in Chinese again*" So, how am I suppose to understand? Why do we have to learn Mandarin anyway out of hundreds of languages in the world. This year we have music :) I love music. Mr. Myers was teaching us about how to sing last Friday. But he came late, and that wasted a lot of times. But there's this one thing I'm confused about. With Myers, if we hit high notes, we can't increase our volume. We need to keep our volume constant no matter how high the key is. Meanwhile, in my singing lesson place, if you hit high notes, just increase your volume. I kinda disagree with Mr. Myers. He said if you increase your volume while hitting high notes, it'll sound like you're forcing it. But the truth is, you need to increase your volume while hitting the high notes because you need more power to hit those high notes. And now I'm writing this blog without thinking. I write everything what's in my mind right now. Oh, I took the science stream now. Life is getting harder as you grow older. I don't know what will I take in the university. And today I met Allen. He was my classmate. But then he left us. I took some pictures with him. And we got nothing to talk. It was pretty awkward. He didn't go anywhere for 2 months. He stayed in Bellezza and probably he only goes to ITC. I won't be able to stand that -_- And Mr. Steve is going back to Canada! No, Steve! Have a safe trip anyway sir. Now I don't know what else to write. So,
bye people

I laf you


Things you shouldn't write here, on blog

1. Don't write secrets! It is too dangerous! Way too dangerous. People would see your secrets, and your secrets will no longer be secrets because the secrets have been revealed. And you wouldn't want if people read your blog, knows your secrets, and mock you about the secrets. Everyone will know your secrets. Your friends, enemies, families, teachers, anyone who read your blog!

Example, don't write like this:

Dear blog, Joko was so handsome. Joko is my new crush. He's like an angel came from heaven. And you know what!? HE TOUCHED ME! Let me repeat once again. HE TOUCHED ME! I felt like flying. And you know what!? He knew my name! He called me and I was so surprised, I was about to faint. I love you, Joko.


Do you know that my best friend, Juminten has a boyfriend!? I was so surprised. He told me yesterday. His boyfriend is from Grade. 10. I shouldn't tell this to anyone, that's why I'm writing it on my blog. Brilliant idea, huh?

2. Do not swear. At least don't swear too much. Your siblings, or parents, or teachers will read that and come to you and say "Did you just swear!?" or probably your parents will wash your tongue with soap. You wouldn't want that to happen, right? So don't use harsh words.


Dear blog,
OMG!! That bitch just back stabbed me again! She is soooo fucking annoying! Can't she just freakin leave me alone!? What the hell did I do to her? I'm done with this fucking shit! I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow. Dammit!

See, what happen if your parents or teachers see that kind of writing. Haha.

3. Don't insult people or make fun of them with their names on. What happen if they read your blog and see they're being insulted. Boom!


Painem is the new student in my class. She is super ugly. And she can't talk properly. I wonder if boys would want him. I don't think so. And this afternoon, she fell down from the chair. How stupid is that!

Sooo, that's it. Don't do the things above, and you'll be save.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ah yeay

1. I don't know what to write, as usual, mostly
2. I wish I live in Bellezza so I don't need to wake up early, instead, I would just jump down from my house to school with my squirrel costume!
3. So hello people! How are you guys doing today?
4. I pushed Sophia yesterday, and she fell from the sofa. HAHAHA It was funny though. I'm a bully :o
5. Ah yeay, school starts at 8 again! Yeyyah!
6. I'm eating apple
7. The new ten thousand rupiah has bubbles on it
8. Nothing excited about tomorrow. But there's PE. Lemme consider it then
9. Syalalalalalala
10. I love the words "Til the day we meet again" I don't know why
11. I wish I could control my dreams. That would be fun
12. I wish I could stop you from leaving -___-
13. Sophia just left me. How could she T.T
14. Cimory yogurt drink. I laf it
15. I like to post unimportant stuff here. Hohoh
16. Uhuk uhuk uhuk *batuk*
17. Hoek hoek hoek *muntah*
18. I seriously don't know what to write here
19. Botak man!
20. I can see you. I'm watching you. Watch out. Boo.
21. How many lists should I make? 30? 40? 50?
22. I'll make it as many as I can *bling bling*
23. No looking back with regrets
24. I hate Chinese vampires. They're creepy.
25. Most of my lists started with the word "I"
26. Hahihuheho
27. I think we're gonna study angklung in school. I don't like it. Not that I don't like angklung, but people would start playing with it and the room will be filled with unorganized angklung sound. I've learned it since I was in grade 6
28. Bananas!
29. I wanna go back to Sec 3.
30. I wanna go back to grade 8
31. I like to sleep. It makes me forget about how hard stuff in the real world are. Only dreams are there.
32. Ah, I wanna be missed. I don't wanna miss someone. It's just, hurt.
33. I'm sleepy already. It's not even 9 yet.
34. Hurt.
35. My mood is getting down
36. I'm in paiiiinnn
37. Woooohh!
38. I want December to come quickly. Holidaaaaays! But no, it means that IGCSE is getting closer
39. I'm not ready for IGCSE
40. I'm not ready to face chemistry!
41. Chemistry is hard and complicated. Eww. Why eww? Don't know.
43. This is super unimportant
44. Krik krik *suara jangkrik*
45. Hmmm... It's almost 50
46. Ah yeay happy birthday
47. 3
48. 2
49. 1
50. Bye :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Til The Day We Meet Again...

I know if you read this, you'll think like this is so not important and stuff. The reason I'm writing about this because, I don't know, I just miss him. I don't want the memories to be forgotten so I'm gonna write it here.

I remember the first time I saw him, I wished he was my homeroom teacher. The first time he came to the classroom, he gave us all papers and asked us to write about anything, whatever we want for 10 minutes without stopping. Mr. Steve liked to watch about earth. And it really bored us. I remember when we watched this earth thing on TV, and the sound of the woman who explained sounded like an alien. The best part was when we were reading Romeo and Juliet and I had this unstoppable laugh. There was nothing funny but I just laughed. Then everyone started to laugh. He told me to keep reading it. But with my condition, I couldn't possibly read it. So the whole period was for laughing.

He was the most cheerful teacher. He would go to our class, saying "hi folks!" and there was this big smile on his face. Like :D. He liked to watch movies about earth. He used to give us worksheet about the movie to answer. But then he stopped giving us that kind of worksheet in term 3. I remember the first day in term 3 he said "I miss you guys" and I suddenly answered "I miss you too!" and he said he would give me a straight A's for his subject. LIAR! Nah, just kidding. No one can replace him. Well, unless Paddy Kelly will replace him, so yeah, he's gonna be replaced. But that would be impossible -___- And replacing him for another teacher is impossible too.

Here's the funny thing about Mr. Steve. He liked to watch earth and and go green man and stuff. But do you know what he would do almost everyday after writing something? Ripped the paper off! And I would say to my friends "go green man, go green man" while pointing at him. Oh! And he liked to open his eyes widely while he's talking and sometimes its creeping me out. He used to give us a really boring novel, and on Halloween, we made fun of it, when he told us to write something and pass it to the others. But too bad that paper was not being read. There were like, tons of memories with him, but I just can remember this at this moment. I will add it up if I remember something.

Til the day we meet again Mr. Steve.

happy or sad? sad, obviously

So, Steve was my English teacher. I wish he is my English teacher. He taught me in Sec 3, but then he's out. Today was boring and it felt so long. I wanted to go home immediately, but Tirzah was still packing up, and if I left her, she'll be alone. So I decided to accompany her. It took her long to tidy her stuff. And when we were about to go to the lift, it turned out that Tirzah was waiting for her sister to go home. I saw my brother, he was still in school. So when Tirzah asked me to accompany her, calling her sister, I said yes. It took her pretty long to because she had to argue with her sister to go home. After that, we were heading back. I was going to go home, when suddenly Sophia/Kevin told me that Mr. Steve is here. I was like "Oh my God!" Then we went to the science lab to meet him. He was talking with people in the science lab, and we were waiting outside. And finally he went out. He said he wanted to stay, but he's too expensive. I asked him to take pictures with him, and we talked. I was about to cry when we talked with him. He's going back to Canada at the end of the month. He has to do this because he said he's too expensive and he has to pay bills and take care of his girls. He said he'll be building houses. You get paid high if you do rough job in Western countries. He's the best teacher I've ever had, and probably the best teacher I will ever have.

Friday, July 9, 2010

la la la la!

I'm bored. That's why I'm writing this. I don't know what to do. I wish I have something fun-er to do than this. I wanna write here cos I'm bored but I don't know what to write. As usual. La la la la la la! I am singiiiing -__- I like The Kelly Family now. It's oldies. You won't like it. Back then, when I listened to An Angel, Declan Galbraith's version, I searched for the original singer. I opened The Kelly Family, only few seconds I listened to it, I turned it off. And now, I'm searching for their songs, which is hard because they aren't famous no more. So, tomorrow morning I'll go to Java. I'll be back on Tuesday morning. So I won't blog til then. I know... I know it's gonna be hard for you not seeing me blogging for 4 days. Haaah, I need to go to the next room.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am in love

with Michael Patrick Kelly

the guy that I just saw about an hour ago
i heard him sing and it melted me
he's not that handsome
he used to be ugly malah
but he took my heart in an hour

i know this is unimportant and it sounds lebay, but my friend asked me to write this so yea

and declan johnethan galbraith replied my message on facebook

double happiness


Time has passed by since then
No one remember that thing no more
You've probably already forgotten that thing
I haven't.
I always think about it everyday
Though I know I've forgiven you
It doesn't mean the scar that you've made has gone
You may think that I've forgiven you
Cos I said so
But the truth is I'm not
Now I regret it
Why did I forgive you?
You want us to act normally again
I guess I won't
Or should I act like nothing really matters
Nothing you can do to heal this
I don't want you to do everything for me
Cos it's useless
By doing whatever I want can heal this, eh?
Cos I won't smile to you again


Since 10 days left til school starts, I'm gonna write 10 random stuff with 10 lists each. I know this is unimportant, but I have nothing to do

Things I Like In School:

1. Friends
2. I like those laughing part where I could laugh crazily
3. I don't have to spend my time at home
4. Loud, unlike home
5. Talk, chat, gossip, fact
6. Fighting crime. Nah, just kidding
7. BULLY!!! Hah! No, I don't bully :p Joking maybe
8. I had that unstoppable laugh
9. Giant window
10. Music

Things I Don't Like In School

1. Mr. Myers' morning assembly. No, not really. It's better to have assembly than start studying at 7.45
2. Books everywhere
3. Chemistry
4. Chemistry
5. Another chemistry
6. Mean teachers ;o
7. I have to concentrate
8. Study-ing
9. Smelly toilet-sometimes
10. :D

Sec 3 Students That-Hopefully-Will Be There In Sec 4 (I'm sorry if I don't mention someone. 10 only)

1. Sophia
2. Tirzah
3. Tania
4. Grace
5. Sharon
6. Kevin
7. Nathania
8. Timothy
9. Cung Coy
10. ME :)

Stuff In Front Of Me Right Now:

1. Mouse. For computer. Not mouse mouse
2. Printer
3. Monitor
4. Speakers
5. Tissue box
6. Teh Tarik
7. Glasses case
8. CDs
9. French Fries
10. Santa and reindeer doll

Dolls In My Room:

1. Giant Eeyore
2. Scrump
3. Pink dolphin
4. Bear
5. Donkey
6. Heart
7. Strawberry
8. Barbies
9. Santa and Reindeer
10. I forgot that little creature's name

If People In My Class Were Superheroes, They Would be...:

1. Sophia: Supergirl...why? because she's superman's wife
2. Tirzah: Wonder Woman. Wonder why? I won't tell you why. You'll lose your "wonder"
3. Tania: Phantom Girl, you can see phantoms :o
4. Grace: Zatanna.... rawr... rawr... rawr... Zatanna just caught a rabies... rawr
5. Sharon: Storm. Don't know why. You look like storm. Dhuar!
6. Nathania: Invicible Girl, if you know what I mean. No offense though this is very offensive
7. Kevin: Batman. I'd like to see you turning into a bat
8. Timothy: Spiderman, later on. A spider just poisoned you an hour ago. Wait til tomorrow and you'll turn to Spiderman
9. Cung Coy: Hulk. Isn't it funny if he change color to green? Yes? Yes? No... okay
10. Me? I'm dead.

Things I Might Say/Not Say To People If They See Me Right Now:

1. I'm bored. Are you? Are you? Are you?
2. HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
3. Hey, I just saw a giant troll. Watchout! Behind you!
4. *keep silent*.... *remain silent*.... *not talking*... *keep silent until the person gets out*
5. *wink wink* (without saying anything)
6. I used to be a rabbit!!! *scream*
7. Ngiiiiiiing
8. I'm sleepy
9. What are you doing here!? *squint*
10. Bye. *then leave*

Things in my mind (topic by Sophia):

1. Before writing about this there were many things in my mind. Now, it's all gone
2. Your name is so famous, oh God! I could see your name 10 times a day! And I hate it.
3. Playlist finished
4. I wanna go back to school just to meet friends and new students, and see how's the school
5. Science positive two stripes *wink*
6. I love secondary and don't wanna get seperated
7. I hope secondary 3 will stick together in sec 4
8. A bird
9. I'm sleepy already!?
10. You and me-a song.

Worst Things That Could Happen To Me Right Now (topic also by Sophia):

1. A plane fall down and crash here in my room
2. A troll would kidnap me
3. A terrorist come to my room and shoot me to death
4. My family-even my cat-died in some accident
5. A giant snake come through the window and eat me
6. This computer will explode and burn everything in my room, including me
7. A zombie come to my room and turn me into a walking tissue
8. An evil scientist come to me and congkel my eyes!
9. Tsunami
10. Get bitten by a rabies dog

Best Things That Could Happen To Me Right Now (inspired by Sophia):

1. Declan Galbraith would come here
2. A billionaire come to me and give me all his money
3. David Foster would come to me and sign me
4. An Angel give it wings to me so I could fly
5. My dad buy me a rainbow unicorn that can fly so fast
6. He would come here and tell me stuff I wanna hear
7. A genie gives me 3 wishes that he'll grant
8. Go to heaven
9. School call my home telling me that Secondary 3 will not be separated in Secondary 4
10. :D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


OH! And I wanna tell you happily that:

Declan Johnethan Galbraith has replied my wall post on facebook

I know that he always reply other people's wall post, but I can't believe he replied mine. I wish I have the guts to say hi to him long time ago. Well, thank God he replied me anyway.

I love you, Dec :D
Well, he's the one who made me sing again at the age of 11. I haven't been singing since I was 8 or so.


I'm in the mood to write. Don't know why. This rarely happens. I never like to write...here. I always want to write here, but I'm just too lazy. I basically do nothing after I went home from Bali. There's just nothing to do. I've been here in front of my computer since the afternoon. Next week is the last week of holiday. It's too fast. I don't want to come back to school yet. I'm too lazy to go to school. I just wanna see what is the school looks like, and the new students look like. And I wanna meet my friends too. But apart from that, I really. don't. want. to. go. back. to. school. Oh, and i have to take science! How great is that. I mean, science is my WORST subject and now I have to take science. It's unbelievable, whatever, but that's the truth. I don't know what to write. I just want to write. I'll go to Java on Saturday. I forgot where to, but I'll go there. I gained around 3 kilos from Bali. And now I have to lower my weigh! Yesterday I told Sophia that Neil Harris is gay, and she got sad and mad. I was happy that he's gay so no girl could date him HA! I was chatting with her at the time, and after I told her that I lost a friend to chat. I was like, oh great! Shouldn't have told her that. I thought she already know. Turned out that she hasn't known it. Oh well, now you know it Soph. I've been listening to You and Me by Lifehouse. I knew that song from a long time ago, but I've never heard of it til yesterday or the day before. And now I love that song. I don't know what to do tomorrow. I'm tired of playing DS and spending my time in front of my computer. OH! My file in one of the game is gone by mistake. The file is already like, faaaarrr. But I accidentally save another file which hasn't gone too far, to that file! Then I immediately erased that game! I don't want to see it again. Maybe I'll play it again next month. I really don't wanna go back to school. I don't wanna take science. Well, I don't wanna take business either. The only reason why I don't wanna take science is because it's hard! But I have no choice. I have to take it, sadly. I don't like business anyway. So, see ya

Monday, June 14, 2010


great. my friends are now addicted to blog. addicted to blog. blogging. they're addicted to it. i already bored to it. i made this blog since the beginning of grade 8. almost 2 years already. i don't know how blogging could be much fun. Mr. Steve should have told us to write here like every once a week for the English mark. that would be fun. but he's not teaching anymore. that sucks. oh, just bought Chuck season 3. i went to ITC to buy some dvds, i called my brother whether he has Chuck season 3 or no, but he didn't answer it, so my mom said to me i should just buy it. i just wasted RP. 50,000. twitter is error right now. most of my tweets is gone! my tweets were like 8,000 something and now it's gone! now it's only 1,000 something. sheesh, twitter should fix that quickly! things has been amazing for me lately. especially because of that accident. i laughed a lot, cried a lot, thinking why does this happen to me and stuff, but actually that thing was kinda fun. and it was the first time for me to explode! i got really angry like hell! but i don't care about it now. i don't give it a damn. i don't wanna even talk about it. so, I'm not gonna sleep for 24 hours on Thursday. no need to ask me why. it's not important anyway...for you :p while I'm listening to this song, i caught something. i caught the "how could you do this to me?" words. i like listening to maroon 5's better that we break lately, cos the lyrics is just...describe what I'm feeling right now. i cried many times because of listening to that damn song. well, not because of the song, it's because of something else. but that song reminds me of that something else and that's why i cried. i am now, in the healing process. so, you'd better watch your mouth when you're talking to me right now because I'm very offensive right now. i am absolutely in pain. I'm in pain. pain. and now my talking is getting weird. oh! I'm going to Bali on Sunday! too bad Anabel won't come. I'm so excited. and I'm afraid that sec 3 is gonna be separated in sec 4 :( hate it. i hope there's no more than 20 students in sec 4. or school can separate the old sec 3 and the new sec 4. i hope the students will be all kind. and i hope i can pass the IGCSE. well then,
i laf you all <3

Saturday, June 12, 2010


seems so easy for you
to break a friendship in just blink of an eye
is he that important to you?
until you broke your friendship just for him
maybe I'm just a piece of trash in your eyes
or maybe I'm just a barrier for you to get him
but in my eyes,
you are my friend
i couldn't say a thing when i read that
a sentence that can make everything change
i couldn't do a thing
my body was shaking
who expect this from you?
i know you hate me
cos i built those walls that surrounds him
you know him too well, don't you?
until you hurt your friend just for him
did i just say friend?
cos i know I'm nothing for you
do you know how much tears came down from my eyes?
do you know how angry i was?
i can't believe my own 'friend' did that
now you get everything you want
you got the chance to be with him
the disturber is not there anymore
the disturber will not be there between you and him
i know you're hurt
but can't you understand my feelings?
I'm in pain
i know i look like a stupid girl
just like what you said
now, you got the chance to get him
and me out of your life
i hope you'll be happy

ps: don't expect our relationship to be the same cos you just ruined it :) and i hope you like him for the way he is not because of how he looks, cos if you like him for the way he looks, I'll never forgive you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

graduation? ngik

wew, tomorrow's graduation. i.am.so.nervous. i gotta to sing in front of many people. haven't done this in a long time. the first time i sang in front of public that i don't know should be when i was 8. i can't believe it's been a year since i've entered HIS. time sure goes fast. the first 3 months in there was H.E.L.L! gawd, i knew no one, the subjects weren't normal for me, it was and it is full english, and the worst part was, i missed my old friends. i do til now. but seriously! it's been almost a year! anyway, tomorrow is graduation time. like i said before, i am nervous. really nervous. there's gonna be parents, teachers, and students watching me. the whole school is watching me. it's not that it's only me who's gonna be singin in front of them, but still! I.AM.NERVOUS. wish me luck anyway. i'll be singing shrek's hallelujah. the opening part and the middle part is okay, but i'm not sure about the end part. not sure because i can't scream in the house. i don't really sing around the house. but i've tried to hit the high notes with music played loudly and i can do it. and i'm gonna wear a dress. a semi-formal dress. a brown dress. with necklace and a girly shoes. i'm gonna dress like a girl. finally. the brown dress isn't my dress, it's my cousin's dress. so, til now, i've never used the dress my friend gave me on my birthday...3 years ago. i've used it once. i'm kinda excited about the graduation thing but i'm super nervous. i hope it would be like when i was 8 years old. when i was singing, before i entered the stage i was really nervous. but when i already entered the stage and sang, whoosh! the nervous-ness just gone by itself. well, i guess that's all -__- i'm hungry right now. really hungry. maybe i should just go to bed and sleep. bye

Saturday, May 22, 2010


1 more week before the exams start ;o I will not be able to do chemistry for sure. I don't understand a thing. Chemistry was easy during the 8th grade. And I'm not sure whether I can do math, physics, and biology or not. Time goes so fast. I will be in grade. 10. I'll have to face IGCSE! That sucks, and it's expensive. Cambridge people should make it free. And I hate the fact that there's 18 students that will be there in secondary 4. What happen if there's more than 20 students and secondary 4 will have two classes. HATE IT SO MUCH. I like my class now, and I don't wanna be seperated. It'd be sucks.
Apart from the sucky-ness, I'll go to Bali with Audrey, Anabel, Jennifer, and Ramada. Can't wait, can't wait. I already saved a lot of money *I guess* to go to Bali. Weehee. I'm curious. How much money I've saved? Ngik. I don't know what to write no more. So......bye

Friday, April 23, 2010

I laf all these humans

So, I told Sophia that I am going to post my opinion about the humans in secondary 3. Should I write it alphabetically or what?

Allen: *just knew him for few months* you look like a stressed boy sometimes, like puter-puter your neck, move forward-backward-forward-backward while sitting, and you're so lebay just like most of the humans in sec 3. ps: don't judge human by its face! you know what i mean?

Grace: aww you giant teddy bear <3 you're funny but less lebay ckck narcis! but Sophia is more narcis so don't worry Grace ;) oh, you're cheerful nyehh hohoho

Kevin: uuuh tofuu! lebay-ness! dance dance jiggle jiggle shout shout lebay lebay :p you're the lebay-est person in sec 3? I still love you kok fu.. haaah, aku jadi terharu

Nathania: -___- I think she's the most lebay. she fell down, got a scratch, then went home. I WANT A SCRATCH TOO! :p I can't say much about you, I don't know you

Ryan: weehee basketball basketball basketball! and shoes! you're often skipping school to do basketball ;p I think you're a great basketball-er and a little homo, but it's okay. and you're a little disgusting with the saliva bubbles eww

Sharon: SHARONITA! you're the kind of lebay-smart-geje-but fun girl type. you are really lebay hahah SHARON laf PUCK aww A: "sharon lets take a picture!" sharon: "*take off her glasses*" hahaha I wanna look at your picture with glasses

Sophia: MILEK! I know you love milk so much, and someday you're gonna own a milk business ;p lemme tell you something soph... you're kind, you like to help people, well, sometimes :p but YOU ARE SO LAZY! you put all of your books everywhere because you're too lazy to put them in the locker sheesh haha you're a great...video maker weehee

Tania: ehem ehem LAWL you are... I don't know what to say. lemme think about something... you are smart. I ENVY YOU! you can do chemistry! I am jealous of you! you're a good sport-er *idk what kind of language is that!* teehee

Timothy: *cough cough* hey tiiiimmm. you're quiet although deep down your soul you're the kind of boy who likes to bully people :p *sok tau* well, you bullied grace a few times :p and you like to fall down from a chair weehee keep the fall down thing til sec 4, I wanna see it again LAWL

Tirzah: tirzah is a rabbit who turned into a human. do you know what I mean? I don't even know what I mean. she's almost perfect. tirzah, don't ask for you to get taller! (inspired by sophia) because if you're tall, you'd be perfect, righty right? aww you are cute loh ;p

and the last

Hyung Chul: cung coy! aww cung coy, the guy that loves dogs VERY MUCH. I think you're pretty crazy. you petted the toy dog that grace and kevin gave you gently and with feelings -__- and when I asked how's your toy dog you said it was in the hospital. you'd better get a dog quickly :p well, I don't know much about you, you just came to the school a few months or a month ago (?)


Monday, April 5, 2010

i havent opened this blog for how long? there was a problem with my computer so i cant turn on my computer. well,no one's gonna read my blog except anabel anyway :p im not in the mood now. im thinking about something. finally i have problems beside tests,homeworks,and teachers. yeay. bye

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no title

so next week will be term 3 test. I don't know whether I will past or not. term 1 and term 2 I got really really bad scores. I wish I'm not that kind of person that got bad scores and just ignoring it. OH that's so me. I think my score is improving. I think. There will be too much pressure. The pressure is getting to me. Like now, I'm listening too music while writing stuff here instead of studying. what a wonderful me! I wish I could feel guilty and uncomfortable if I'm not studying in one day just like the feeling when I didn't take a shower for a day. oh smart people lets trade brains only for a week and you can get it back after the term 3 test. being a sec 3 student is too much pressure. too many subjects. I wanna be in sec 4 so I could take business and the test won't be too much. I'm confused...should I take biology or accounting? I think I should take accounting. I wanna walk through business path anyway. ah,life is getting harder when you grow older.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anabel HD

My English teacher said we would need a journal for English class. I decided to use my old English journal. I read it and I found out that I've write something about my lovely enemy Anabel. Here's the story :p

Anabel HD

Anabel is one of my classmates. We sit in the same table. We sit at one table since grade seven. She's noisy. And sometimes we don't know what she's talking about. And she's quiet annoying sometimes. Me and Anabel like to share food. And we like to steal someone's food. Anabel and I like to eat sweet food like chocolate, candy, ice cream, etc. But she's nice sometimes. She's born in 1995, 13 September. She has a brother. She can play guitar and sports (maybe...) She has a beautiful hair (LAWL) Anabel likes to fight with Jennifer because Jennifer is sensitive, and Anabel is annoying. Anabel likes disturbing Jennifer and of course Jennifer gets mad. We'd like to do some crazy things. We're crazy. Like to shout and bullying people (there's note from Pak Bismark saying "don't do that, Alliyya" lawl) She lives in Cilandak. She always goes to school early. She's really good at drawing. She likes to draw. Her favorite subject is PE and lunchtime. I'm happy for being Anabel's friend (awww)

Monday, February 15, 2010


im too lazy to post something lately. who's gonna read my blog anyway. so on friday i had this valentines party. it wasnt really a party. its pretty fun but too bad, not many people came. im thinking what should i write...

oh, i sang if i aint got you during the party. i havent sing in public for a long time. the last time was 6 years ago, when i was about 8. i stopped singing since then. i started singing again when i was 11. so, days ago, i told sophia that im goint to sing for valentines celebration. she supported me. tengkiees~ at first, i was going to sing angels brought me here but then i realized its too tiring for me, so i decided to sing if i aint got you. i only had one day to practise. i supposed to perfor at 7 above but i dont know why, they changed it so i performed after mr.myers said something. it was great. they were all supporting me. they shouted my name hahaha (pamer :b) when i was on stage, i was in the middle of singing then david came to me and gave me flower,then came the stranger and gave me flower, and in front of me, theres mr myers with his handphone, and he gave me chocolate while im singing. i was going to laugh. then theres somthing wrong with the tape. the song just stopped. so i came back to my seat and few seconds later, they called me to continue singing. i sang the wrong lyrics somewhere. i didnt know what did i sound like. i just felt that my voice's aint that good, but my friends said its good, even myers said so. so i was like...okay,great. LAWL i wonder why i cant sing like this during pskd mandiri time. i was singing falset kalo di pskd. FALSE. untung i didnt sound like gita ketawa. i cant show my real voice if im in pskd. nyehh

i miss pskd mandiri. i want to go back there. but i cant :( i pretty like this school sih, not the school, just the friends..well, i need too cos i might stay here til im graduated from high school. i wish i could just become a singer and stop school-ing HA! impossible.

Monday, February 8, 2010

hell oh people. havent posted something last week. im too lazy to write now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

havent post stuff these days. too lazy and i havent turn on my computer for 3 days. i need to wear my retainer. i have this infection in my mouth ill tell you bout it later when i want to. im really dont want to write. hi anabel!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1. Hi Anabel i know you love me but lion king 2 is better than 1
2. Illona hahaha you love to read my blog huh? :p dont tell anyone about my posting in my blog its kinda embarassing ngik
3. berapa banyak semut yg dibunuh setiap jamnya?
5. i dont wanna make posters :(
6. im too lazy to do stuff
7. theres a rainbow above you
8. supercalifragilistic expialidocous
9. oh teachers, why do you guys like to give us homework?
10. im gonna write more later...so not in the mood

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i never plan something to write here. im just writting things that come to my mind. i shouldve plan something. i wanna write right now but i really dont know what to do. mmm..im wearing a white plain t-shirt, wearing shorts, wearing my glasses, wearing bracelets, no braces, no sandals or shoes. i use glasses almost all the time now since i changed my glasses. i like this glasses. i shouldnt be here in right now. i should do my biology stuff on my bed. i use my bed to study. i never use the table for study. i dont like the new schedule. there must be two or three subject which is sucks. tomorrow theres gonna be bio. biology was fun last week. i hope it'll be fun too. nyehh. i havent do my ict project. i dont have the thing to do it.
so,anabel and i love lion king so much. she loves lion king 1 and i love lion king 2. which one do you think is better? i love lion king so much. i feel like watching it again. maybe tomorrow im gonna ask the whole class which one do they prefer. hahaha

i love you people
<3 (that is a cyclop said anabel)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


i know im suppose to do my english homework, but since i use english here so i dont really care. its part of the english learning. have i ever used indonesian in my blog? i looked at my older post and read it and thought my english were poor back then...well, til now. i need to make speech about the ending of romeo and juliet. well, i think its hilarious. romeo thought juliets already dead. he killed himself and juliet woke up! hah. shakespears shoulve make it like this; juliet dead-romeo alive, romeo dead-juliet alive, romeo alive again - juliet dead, and so on. yesterday was wisnu's birthday and the cake was delicious and its handmade ha. mmm since when birthday cakes produced by factory? i just dont know what to say but i wanna keep writting. tomorrow i have to go to school. well, i dont mind. school has been fun for me lately. i dont know why. maybe its because of me trying to like this school. i still miss pskd mandiri so much. the last time i went there, i didnt wanna go home, and i skipped my vocal training :p i dont care anyway. sometimes im thinking about stopping the vocal thing. i just wanna sing without have to do this and that just like what the teacher said. hahaha i know its for the best and im still doing it. and im afraid my mom will get mad. god, im too lazy to do my homework. i really dont know what to write. maybe next time ill prepare something to write here. next time...could be tomorrow,next year, next ten years? well...
bye people
i love you
i always say i love you before i post my blog hahaha
so umm.. my school gonna celebrate valentine but didnt celebrate halloween. that sucks! there will be banquet and dance. i dont really dance. i wish the dance thing can change into sing hah. well, my friends are thinking about their crushes, whos theyre gonna be with, and stuff. i dont care about those stuff. *no offense even though i dont know how could that offense you* i thought about this and said well i dont care. what i do care is only about the singing. well i dont know whether i could sing on valentines day or not. haha pray for me. well if i dont sing on valentines day im gonna sing on march anyway. so, hmm lemme tell you why i love singing. my biggest influence should be...LION KING 2! ha! ive watched it since i was 3. my mom said i used to watch it everyday. it made me sing, it made me act, it made me rowr hah. i used to sing with it, back then, i was 3 and knew nothing about english. i didnt know the lyrics, i didnt know what to say, but i sang it from the heart. i love to sing since then. but when i was 6 or so, i started to make a hole and burried it. at the time, i didnt even remember that i used to sing everyday. i didnt sing again until the age of 11. i forgot why but at the age of 11 i started to sing again. well until now :) much more. so, today my finger got squeezed by a drawer. now, when everything remind me of valentines day and crushes i alway say, well i dont care about that stuff, i only care about the singing.
i love singing
and i love you people

Friday, January 15, 2010

mmm.. i feel like writting on my blog but i dont know what to say. so, my mom offered me to sing somewhere and i said yes. and my mom told his friend that i wanted to sing there she said i wanted to. well, i want to but my mom told me to. its like "mom, i wanna sing there." but the truth is she asked me haha it doesnt matter anyway. my mom told me hes gonna make a song for me HAH. and, this lunch time, i was in class with tania and tirzah, me and tirzah were singing. i forgot what did i sing. but i sang so loud, i forgot that the class next to mine will hear it. suddenly, one of the teacher came and said "did i just hear you guys sing?" i was like *shock* "umm,yeah" then i turned around, i didnt see what happened next but i saw him raise his thumb hahaha its embarassing though. weehee
i love you guys
and i love you so much singing

Monday, January 11, 2010


i dont know what to write but i feel like writting here. my school is like mini version of sea world. lots of fish. i wanna say hi to anabel,audrey,ramada,jennifer,and pradnya hahaha i dont why just feel like it. oh, im gonna tell you bout my last visit to pskd mandiri last friday. it was fun. i met ramada, pradnya, jennifer, dll dll. thank you anabel for giving me presents from korea! i laf you! i met jennifer...for a while. she had to go home. it sucked! me, pradnya, and ramada went to the gym, i met pak lukman, nabil, and keanu. weeeeheeee! they were playing basketball. i tried to shoot and ah,im getting even sucker at basketball. i cant shoot no more. it didnt hit the ring. wth. i felt like going back to pskd :( after playing basketball, we went accross, pradnya and ramada were plaing air hockey and i became an unfair referee ha. ramada had to go home after that. so pradnya, only you and me left. ooh, and there were pak kunings wife and kirtti. pradnya and i went to the msic room. she started to play guitar and played more than words. dejavu. i started singing and she stopped and repeated from the beginning and asked me to sing. i didnt remember the lyrics, so she asked what songs can i sing. then she got up and went to the keyboard. i sang few songs with her. then pak tio came and join us hahaha. he played the drums. i just knew he could play that. i sang if i aint got you two times with messed up lyrics. it was fun. hahaha i really didnt wanna go home. i went home at 5.40 and i miss my vocal lesson. ah,who cares. only once.
i love you pradnya! lets do the same thing again later hahaha
i love you guys too <3

Thursday, January 7, 2010


so, report card day. im sure my science score would be really bad :) my math score is kinda annoying. i got 59 and you need 60 to past! wth. if youre a nice teacher youre gonna gimme 1 more score for my nice behaviour in your class :p gonna face IGCSE soon or not? weee i will face IGCSE test unless i become a famous singer and i will fly to USA! hahaha pray for me readers. im going to pskd later. feelin kinda happy, but im so afraid to meet him :( ah, who cares. i only want to meet jen and ramada and get my stuff from anabell wee. she said she gives me candies which are so good you cant even bite it cos its so good. hmm its 12 something pm right now. my dad just went to my room talked an alien language and got out. wth are you talking about dad? hahaha anyway, thats all for now. have a great day people
i love you guys whoever you are

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

50 random stuff

1. I want my dreams to come true before july
2. I dont care if I don't live with him but it gotta be true
3. Happy birthday to my little brother, Farras youre 4 now! i got your photo when you were 1 day old *yeaayy*
4. Tomorrow's gonna be the worst day of the week
5. Haha early goodbye to you friends :)
6. Watch me
7. I miss my friends in PSKD Mandiri
8. I miss the old you frikin boy ;(:
9. I love to sing
10. I wanna go back to my old school
11. I dont wanna face the IGCSE test
12. Im gonna miss my family
13. LAWL
14. Aqua is nice
15. Do you like veggies? cos i dont
16. Who the hell are you (: ?
17. SBY just got shot :p
18. Caramel ♥
19. My report card is gonna be soooo bad :)
20. She said that she has given us the new student time for 6 months, so lets just forget the past and do better
21. Im gonna post 50 random stuff
22. Mommy tiger just ate her babies
23. Lion would be a cool pet
24. I love lion king
25. Please leave a or more comment(s) before you leave and youll get "i love you" from me :)
26. Do you have blog? tell me
27. Hi ;)
28. I wont let you
29. Lalalalala
30. I am forgettable
31. I hate you for hating my cat
32. Im 13
33. Hippos journey
34. I will give you...MILK
35. I used to love horses :)
36. Weeeee
37. Im tired
38. Ah i got 59 in math and you need to get 60 to past!
39. White tiger
40. I love black
41. Dont take the toilet sign
42. Hey gay >.<
43. "Which one do you like, the boy or the girl?" "the bird" Mr.Steve - Alliyya
44. My name is Aliyya HA!
45. Biscuits taste good
46. Armpit perfume
47. Goodies :)
48. I got tee shirt
49. I have three handphones, two is useless